HAI International Spotlight: Derazona Helicopters, Indonesia

A look at an international HAI member up close and personal.

Located in Jakarta Timur, Indonesia, and operating from Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport (WIHH), Derazona Helicopters specializes in utility helicopter service.

Also known as PT. Derazona Air Service, the company was established in 1971. Since then, it has supported a large variety of missions throughout Indonesia, from filming surfers on the Mentawai Islands to supporting seismic survey activities deep in the jungles of Papua.

As a member of the Boedihardjo Group shipping company, Derazona aims to connect the vast archipelago of Indonesia, making it accessible to everyone.

A Variety of Missions
In nearly 50 years of supporting Indonesia’s helicopter needs, Derazona has catered to a multitude of customers. Operating the AS350 B3e (H125) and Bell 412SP helicopters, its bread and butter is the oil and gas industry, to which Derazona provides, in addition to seismic survey support, crew-change transport and offshore air ambulance assistance.

The company also performs various photography and filming missions, including work on several occasions with the BBC and other foreign TV agencies to provide aerial filming platforms for projects in Indonesia. Derazona can support aerial filming with handheld cameras and internally mounted camera systems.

Derazona’s other services include:

  • Airborne magnetic surveys. The company helps conduct these detailed surveys throughout Indonesia’s many contoured areas. Its aircraft are outfitted with LiDAR (light detection and ranging) equipment and follow precise GPS routes with preset velocities and altitudes.
  • Personal charter and sightseeing flights throughout the archipelago.
  • External longline cargo transport.
  • Medical transport. Due to the country’s varied terrain and island nature, emergency medical transport can be challenging. Derazona’s aircraft can be quickly transformed to carry an approved stretcher kit, enabling the transfer of patients from remote locations directly to the hospital.
  • Aerial firefighting. Derazona responds when annual forest fires rage in the country, outfitting its aircraft with Bambi Buckets and skilled firefighting pilots who can combat flames using precise water drops.


Source: https://www.rotor.org/publications/rotor-daily/rotor-daily-article?ArtMID=1482&ArticleID=8177

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