During our 40+ years of supporting Indonesian helicopter support needs, we have catered a wide range of customers. While mostly we aim at supporting the Oil and Gas business, by providing seismic support, crew change and/or offshore medivac service, we have also done other missions of note. We are very experienced in supporting aerial photography/filming missions, such that we have been contracted several times by BBC and other foreign TV agencies to provide aerial support to their projects in Indonesia. We also have an extensive experience in conducting airborne magnetic survey in different contoured areas all over Indonesia.

Passenger Transport/Crew Change

We provide on shore or offshore flight for passengers to locations much too difficult to reach by other forms of transport. We can also do sightseeing / joy-flight to locations of interest.

Airbone Magnetic Survey/LIDAR

We can conduct special survey flights that require precision flight, following GPS coordinate with preset velocity and altitude, with special equipment mounted on.

External Cargo

We can transport carho that is too bulky to be stored within the helicopter cabin. Also includes long-line activities, such as rig move.


Our helicopters are required with stretcher kits to enable transfer of injured person from remote location to airport / hospital.

Fire Fighting

Special equipment called bambi bucket allows us to do fire fighting / water bombing mission with helicopters. Fire fighting helicopters have always been essential in combating forest fires in Indonesia every year.

Aerial Photography/Filming

We can support aerial photography and or filming activities with the use of handheld cameras, or devices rigged to be installed on board. Proper permits and clearences are required prior to flight.


You might have another mission that requires the use of helicopters that is not in the list above. Do not fear, we have also done a lot of miscellaneous work over the years, such as installing the top part of a communication tower, power cable stringing, and even pre-wedding photo session. Please do not hestiate to contact us with your helicopter needs.

Tell us your requirements and one of our charter experts will provide you with a no obligation quote as soon as possible.