Buckle up and get ready! A new and exiting higher ground awaits, as you step into the “red carpet” helicopter services and being taxied out of the ordinary.

Supported with state-of-the-art operational equipments and experienced pilots, Derazona committed to meet your needs and ace it. We provide unique and versatile helicopter operational supports. It ranges from supporting geological survey, oil and gas exploration, transporting electronic surveillance equipment to the top of mountain in Indonesia, to acting on one of your movies or video clips and any possible role in between.

Our vision is to serve and assist the customer to achieve their goals safely. As sky is the limit, here we fly at your service.


Derazona is the specialist in helicopter services with exceptional record of supporting Indonesia’s aerial demands for more than 25 years.


Are you the kind of person who breaths under the notion that “time is money?” If the answer is ‘yes,’ then rest assured Derazona is the right partner for your business.

Here at Derazona, we are fully equipped with retractable landing gear, full instrumentation and navigation equipment, as well as provided with whatever accouterments that may be necessary to accomplish the specific at hand.

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